My Future Self in the year 2023: 2.0 version

My 2.0 Version

Most of us are aware by now that the digital marketing industry has seen extreme growth in the past few years. Earlier it used to be customary to run a classified ad in newspapers in order to get your business in the public light. Nowadays we have the internet which has an almost infinite reach to it. Through the advent of technology, more and more people are going online to find information about products and services. This sudden rise in the popularity of online services has helped the digital marketing industry to grow to new heights and to better serve customers.

I have entered this industry late as a student. I have started learning as I got much more interest in Digital Marketing than anything I have done earlier. The mentors and creators in digital Marketing are helping a lot to newcomers to get the right direction and content to learn Digital Marketing from basic to becoming experts in various niches. I go with saying-It’s better to have tried than to live life wondering what would’ve happened if I had tried.

Once you start learning a new thing, if you are getting passionate about it and thinking to make your coming future in that field is one of the boldest decision. As you are totally new in that particular area and you are starting from scratch while already people are there who established there position in the market.

If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed.

I did the same and now aiming to set my goal in Digital Marketing. Goal setting is very important as you can measure your progress easily by the time once you have set your goal at the start. What I see myself in the coming future is in the below paragraph. it might be a very small goal or a very big goal for a different set of people but I am setting it for myself without thinking a bit that how you are going to judge that.

Where I see myself in coming years

2023: She is a successful digital marketer and founder of her own digital marketing agency Digitomine which served more than 100 small and medium scale businesses. She is providing one of the best Digital marketing services which are result-oriented and helping individuals, startups, and businesses to grow fast and reach their goals. 

Her agency is providing the services of web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, social media management, and personal branding with high quality, result-oriented team. 

She has launched her courses and training program too on digital marketing to help and train the individuals and company who want to learn and implement by their self.

Her training program is a new buzz in the market which is totally market demand-based and, which is making her on the top to the competitors.

Till now she has trained more than 500 students and every batch is getting full on the launch day itself. She is helping and guiding the students to get their dream job during the training itself.

Pratibha has made herself a brand, which is very much familiar in the digital marketing world and she is getting popularity because of the result she has given to clients and the trained students.

Her agency, Digitomine is now dealing with international clients and started creating their own saas product which is going to be launched soon in the market which is in huge demand before the launch itself. This product is called a game-changer the journey in saas product development.

Pratibha has a very inspiring story as well, as she has started her career in digital marketing after having a kid of 2 years. Before this, she was just a homemaker like lakhs of other women and never thought of jumping in digital marketing being an arts graduate.

So, as she says, Come out of your comfort zone and work hard to make your dream true.

Rock the world!

my 2.0 version

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