Marketing- The Fundamental we understood wrong!

What is marketing?

Why mastering in marketing is needed?

Which one is Better? Traditional or Digital?

Role of Communication skills in marketing?

What is Integrated Marketing?


How Personal Branding helps in marketing?

These are the very fundamental and important part of marketing to understand Marketing better. We all know a little about every question asked above but are we know it right? In this article, we will know in detail about it.

1. How to set your Finacial Goal

You should know your total addressable money and how much you will be able to make from that. If you have a large no. of customers then you can easily achieve your goal by keeping the price of the product low and if you have a small group of customers then you have to keep your product price high to achieve your goal. 

2. Find Your Niche

Finding your specific niche is like moving one step further towards your goal. We usually have doubt that in a particular niche, there is heavy competition, and will we be able to compete?

It is explained by a very good example of how one car can create various services before and after purchse of it. all these created pre and post products and services such as information of product, accessories, repair, etc.

It means that solution to one need gives rise to many new needs and thus there is infinite no of niches. So, we should go from broader to narrower in a specific niche and pick which suits you.

3. Law of Marketing

Marketing is nothing but Science! 

Either it is Digital Marketing or conventional marketing, it is not all about selling the product but it is finding the need of the customers and selling the solution to him. Marketing takes a holistic approach. Marketing should start before the creation of the product itself. Once you got the idea of the customer and his needs and find a solution for that.

Marketing is not just selling but keeping your customers happy so that they can purchase future products too.

Advertising, copywriting and sales are one of the component of marketing.

The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous- Peter Drucker

4. Basic Economics for Digital Marketers

It is important to get some idea of basic economics of your market as it helps to understand-

the supply and demand in the market

The purchasing capacity of target audiences

To know the Area of new interest and

Reviving of yourself according to market etc.

The few important points about the economy are-

The economy of the country goes up when the average age of the country goes up because people spend more in age 20-50 as their risk-taking factor is high. And at present the average age of India is 29 years which is +ve sign

Debt creates money as it infuses more money in the market and the circulation of money starts in the market which expands the economy.

If the economy shrinks, recession comes. And in recession, strong companies survive, weak companies fail.

Either its recession or boom, quality always gets paid.

5. Communication and writing skills

The basic skills to become a good Digital Marketer are Communication Skill and writing skills. The emphasis is given to enhance both the skills because good communication is required to influence and sell to people. It should feel like you are talking to them directly, which creates MassTrust.

It doesn’t matter you have good knowledge of the language, vocabulary, and grammar or not, you can improve these skills with time by engaging yourself in five activities –

Reading- start with simple books or comics and then jump to complex ones and start thinking in English.

Listen to podcasts- To improve communication, listening is important as well to know how to express and modulate words.

Writing– write everyday by at least 500 words a day. The more you write, the more you improve writing skills and the better you can write. Practice makes you perfect in writing.

Watching Sitcoms- By watching you will be able to see English in action which will improve the way you speak.

Watching Stand-up comedy will help you to learn how to engage the audiences and when and what they need. It will help to learn about the culture and local slangs as well.

6. Future of Digital marketing

The digital market is the enhanced version of the conventional market. It is much handy for people by using their Digital Devices to explore the Market Digitally.

People are getting information, awareness, products and services at the tip of the finger without stepping out and disturbing normal schedule. Social media is adding millions of people regularly under its family. So you are there or not someone is there to capture the digital market.

Till market and sells don’t die, the digital marketers will be there as Digital Marketing is marketing with technology, which helps people to make choice wisely by comparing many factors which were never available in the conventional market.

7. Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing combines all forms of Digital marketing available and correlate them together. These are

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertising
  • Sells and Conversion

LinkedIn is one of the best platform to grow your connections and get relevant job

There correlation can be understood by below diagram


8. Build your personal Brand

Once you have selected your niche and started working on it, start building your personal brand. Brand value can’t be measured less than sales value and there will be some point that your brand value will be much bigger than your product and services.

One thing should be kept in mind that the best known will always beat the best. Best will be best but will not be able to increase the volume of sales or revenue than the one which is best known.

The recommendation to build you personal brand is-

Put your content in front of audience without fear and hesitation

Come up and show your personality and character on social media. Like minds will connect and others will get influenced.

Publish your content in all different platforms and in different forms like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, youtube, podcasts etc in the form of audio, video, e-book, jpeg, blog,surveys etc.

More content online means more space on internet. Once you published a sufficient content, there are chances that more people will engage to it on different platforms in different forms.

Benefits of Personal Branding

  • You can attract ideal opportunities.
  • It may create your own hall of fame community
  • You can write/ publish videos and do public speaking for your audiences
  • You may do public speaking or start your own training business
  • Personal Branding will help you to reduce competition for your products and services
  • You can emerge as a leader/expert in a particular area
  • Your customers will be your brand ambassador
  • Word of mouth reaches faster and its free advertising

9. Understanding of the Funnel

Funnel is like a upside down in a cone shape. That means broader on the top and narrower in the bottom. Physically it is used to filter out unnecessary things from the required one. In similar way Digital funnel (sales funnel) is used to filter the people who are going to pay you for your product or services.

Sales funnel is process where you attract or influence customers from different platform to one i.e. your sales funnel. At this point you start giving your offering one by one from free products to highest value product.

Top of the funnel is basically the free offerings to your customers like e-book, community group, youtube, blogs and public speaking and afterwards you start paid courses.

You are building trust through the people as people go down the funnel they trust you more and more.

CATT & Masstrust are the two key abbreviations, which will definitely help to create your personal brand.


It can be explained as-


Create quality content that can help people who are looking for a particular solution so that it increases the engagement of customers. If it will be useful to them, they help to spread it to others.


Increase the traffic of customers on your website by various means doing seo, social media paid ads etc. so that more no of people get aware of your product.


Once you start getting customers on your website, get their trust by continually updating content, engaging with them, and build trust with the help of market automation, tripwires and re-targeting.


Once u won the trust of customers, it very easy to convert them into your funnel. These are the leads who are ready to pay for your products and services and also the last stage of the marketing funnel.

Mass Trust

It means the trust of masses (large numbers of people) on you. It will help to easily achieve

  • Funnel conversion
  • Volume of Sales
  • Market Expansion &
  • Goal
Mass Trust Model
  • Stages of Mass Trust Creation
  • Learn
  • Work
  • Blog
  • Consult
  • Mentor
  • Statrtup

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