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Digital Marketing Foundation Course

You will Learn Digital marketing from the basics and it will cover
Website designing, Graphic designing, Content creation (Text and Video), Search engine optimization,
Email marketing, and
Social media marketing etc.
This course includes these features

wordpress, blog, social media

Begineer to Advance WordPress Course

WordPress is a very popular platform for website crestion. In this course you will learn how to create a awesome website without any knowledge of coding by yourself.
More details on wp themes, plugins, integration with google services etc.
This course includes these features

Affiliate Marketing

Begineer's Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate Marketing is a easiest way to earn passive income without investing anything or with very low investment. You learn about how affiliate marketing works and get clear idea of what products to choose and where to promote etc.
This course includes these features


What Students Have to Say

This is the one of the best course to learn wordpress website creation. It is with full of practical and easy to understand.
By going through the course I am able to create my own website in a week with a lot of options. Helps me a lot. I am now able to create different type of websites.
Mohan Rao
All free resources gives a lot of value and you will definitely learn new skill which will help you in your carrier.
Thanks You.
Bhupendra Kumar
Highly recommended !
I know already about wordpress website design but this course helped to get new ideas to create websites in a very easy way with
Anup singh