6 best ways to improve Keyword Prominence: SEO Basic

The definition says that Keyword Prominence is the relative importance of a keyword in a document. The importance of keywords in search engine optimization has been debated for years. Some believe that you should only use one main keyword per page, while others think that as many keywords as possible are better. The truth is somewhere in between.

In this article, we will be looking at how keyword prominence affects your SEO and what you can do about it.

As we Know, Keywords are the words that people use to search for your product or service online. These keywords are often found in a variety of places, including:

The title tag on your website

Your description meta-tag


URLs and page titles

Including these tags in your web pages will help Google understand what you’re about when someone searches for those terms.

Keyword Prominence
Keyword Prominenece

What is Keyword Prominence?

Keyword Prominence

In general, keyword prominence refers to how prominently your keywords appear within different parts of your web pages.

In particular, where near the start of the page’s title tag, heading tags (e.g., h1), and meta description, your keywords are placed. Your title tag (the first thing people see when they click onto your page), description tag (what shows up beneath the title), and h1/h2 tags (which appear above your content) must contain your main keywords. Try to start your first and last sentences with keywords so they’re easy for people to find when searching online.

Why Keyword Prominence?

If you want to know whether or not Keyword Prominence matters for SEO, then the answer is yes. It does matter.

Because Google uses Keyword Prominence to determine which keywords are most important on a page. If one keyword appears more prominently than another, then Google assumes that the keyword has more importance.

This means that when Google ranks pages, they consider the prominence of each keyword used on a page. The higher up the page, the less prominent the keyword becomes.

How does Keyword Prominence Affect Search Engine Optimization?

When you have multiple keywords on a single page, the search engines will see them all as separate entities. This means they won’t rank your content as highly for any of the keywords.

If you want to optimize for more than one keyword, then you need to make sure that each keyword appears on its own page.

This also applies if you have lots of different pages with different keywords. Each page needs to contain just one main keyword phrase.

What is the strategy for Keyword Prominence?

When you write your page titles, you need to think like a reader.

You should always start with the most important words in your page title. If those words aren’t the keywords you want to rank for, then move them down.

If you have multiple keywords, separate them with commas. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket by putting all of your keywords at the end of your page titles.

This is also why we recommend keeping your page titles short.

A real-life example of Keyword Prominence

We will now take a closer look at why it is important for your website’s SEO strategy to focus on keyword prominence.

Let’s go through this example to understand how keyword prominence work. You can imagine yourself searching for an article about the recent Store Launch in the local paper.

You instinctively know which section to begin searching for answers.

You can look up the headlines of news articles for relevant terms.

You will continue turning pages until you find something related to that.

You will never search randomly from Page1 then Page6 etc…

You wouldn’t do this because it makes no sense. The headline you are looking for will be found somewhere within the paper. It might not be on the front page but there’s always some chance that it could be.

This is exactly what Google does when it crawls your site. It starts with the home page, then looks for keywords in the content and ranks them accordingly. The higher up on the page they are, the better chance you have of being found by someone searching for those specific terms. This is called “keyword prominence.”

The same principle applies to websites.

6 Ways to improve Keyword Prominence

To improve keyword prominence for SEO, include your keyword in:

1. Blog Title

2. Meta-description

3. URL Slug

4. H1/H2 headings

5. The beginning of the blog

6. End of blog post content

By following this simple Keyword prominence method, You can help Google to rank your website for the particular keyword. It is one of the methods for the SEO strategy which plays a Vital Role. You cannot go wrong when applying keyword prominence to any part of content and website creation.

Thank you for reading this. Please give your feedback/suggestions if any, I would love to hear.

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