Facebook Ads – Introduction to the beginners

Facebook Ads is an advertisement platform provided by Facebook, where businesses can show their products and services to relevant Facebook users based on audience selection, which we learn later. To use Facebook Ads, you have to pay an advertising fee to Facebook as it similarly exists in an offline world like we are paying advertising fee for the advertisement to radio, tv, newspapers, etc…

Facebook Ads cab be Run by anyone who has to offer any type of product and services to sell/consume.

Facebooks Ads is mainly used by-

  • Big National and International Brands
  • Small Business owners and
  • Freelancers

In these three categories, almost all businesses come which are aware of online marketing on Facebook. Big national and international brands are already known by the masses and they are market leaders. Their motive is not to sell or offer the products or services but to keep connect with the population. They don’t want to lose customers as there is always a threat that competitors may attract them. That is why their main moto to run FB Ads is to keep connected with the users.

Small Business owners mostly use the Facebook Ads platform to generate the sales. Since they have a lot of competitions and they always struggle to sell their products and services because of big players in the market, Facebook Ads significantly help them to generate the sells. Sells will create revenue for the small business owners which will definately help them to servive in the market.

Freelancers such as photographers, nutritionist, instrument, teachers, graphic designer, content writers, etc… use the FB Ads platform to generate the leads. Here Leads means the persons who are looking for particular services. Once you run the Facebook Ads and if reaches to these leads, they will contact you. Once they will like your services, you can make them customers.

The requirement to Run a Facebook Ads

  • You should have a Page on Facebook. It can be easily created once you log in to your FB Account.
    • It can be a Business/ Brand Page or
    • Community / Public Figure page
  • After creating a Page and completing all the required information, Post any photo or video etc…
  • Once you make your first post, you will see a Boost Post Option below the Post.

Boost Post: Basic Facebook Ads Method

Boost Post is the first and Basic Facebook Advertising Method, which will be directly available below the post(s) on the page.

To run the Boost Post option, once you click on it, you have to set the following-

  • 1. Objective/ Goal: Means for what purpose you want to run this ad. you will see options there depending on the business or public page, in which you have select one.
    1. Automatic
    2. Post Engagement
    3. Website Purchases
    4. Messages
    5. Leads and
    6. Calls
Facebook Ads Goal
  • 2. Audience: To whom you want to show these ads. Audience selection is one of the most critical parts of Facebook Ads. It is selected based on Gender, Age, Location, Interest, behavior, etc… More details will be given in the Ads Manager.
Boost Post Audience

  • 3. Duration: In duration you have the set the time and date from which you want to start the facebook ad and when you want to stop the ad.
  • 4. Budget: Depending on the audience size selected by you and the duration to which it will run, your budget will vary. Therefore always keep a sufficient budget to get a better reach of the Ad. After setting up the audience, you have to set up the payment method and budget spend on the ad. On the basis of Payment spend, it will reach the number of people. Once your ad will start running, you will be able to see the detailed performance of your ads.

Learn About Google Analytics in this detailed Guide.

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